Grad Round-Up: June 2017

Published June 1, 2017

We've collected some of the best stories highlighting the achievements of our graduates. 

‘Bad Pandas’, ‘Pinguins’, and Two Giant Beasts Battle It Out: Here’s your June Grad Round-Up

With over 60,000 individuals in our alumni network, hardly a day goes by without news of grads making their mark on the worlds of entertainment, media, and technology. This month, we’re sharing a few stories and news items featuring members of the Full Sail community. It’s a small taste of the overall contributions made by our graduates, and we look forward to highlighting more success stories in the coming months.

Adam Wingard selected as director for Godzilla vs. Kong

Congratulations are in order to Film grad Adam Wingard for signing on to direct Godzilla vs. Kong. In 2015, Legendary announced that the film franchises would combine for a cinematic experience. Recently, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Adam would be directing the film which is expected to be released Memorial Day weekend of 2018.

Calvin Greer on the set of Rampage, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Full Sail alumni Calvin Greer (Film 2013 & Film Production MFA 2016) has been keeping himself busy these days working on Avengers: Infinity War. While the upcoming superhero film continues filming in an undisclosed location, Greer has been working as a Witness Camera Operator on the set of a film adaptation of a classic arcade game, Rampage, which stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Brett Novak gives us a short lesson in skateboarding

Brett Novak is back with a short skate film featuring a 14 year old freestyle skateboarder named Isamu Yamamoto. The short film, titled ISAMU, was shot in Japan and follows Isamu as he shows his skills throughout a temple. Brett, a 2007 Digital Arts and Design, has channeled his love for skating into videos that are minimalistic and focus on the environment around the skateboarder.

TechChange finds new creative director in Yohan Perera

Yohan Perera (Digital Arts and Design 2014), who was working as a graphic designer at TechChange, was recently promoted to Creative Director for the company. Yohan assumed the responsibility of overseeing creative projects which include animations, illustrations, videography, and photography. TechChange is a social enterprise whose model focuses on providing courses about technology that acknowledge challenges within the social and global communities.

Yohan hard at work #CreativeDevelopment
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Pinguin helps techies socially connect

Entertainment Business grad Joshua Purvis recently launched an app that helps connect techies through social communities that are tailored to their interests. The Pinguin app allows members to access chat rooms created through hashtags.

Film grad Carlos M. Leon finds success in production studio and opens up ad agency

In 2008, when he was just 25 years old, Carlos M. Leon was named “One of America’s Top 5 Young Entrepreneurs” by Businessweek. Now, less than 10 years later the company he founded, CML studios, has expanded. Carlos launched CML productions ad agency this month.

Bad Panda Grads nominated as finalists at Golden Joystick Awards

After graduation, Game Design grad Amanda Oliver and the capstone project team she worked with during her time at Full Sail were encouraged to submit their final project to the Terminus Conference Golden Joystick Awards. The team ended up being nominated as finalists for their documentation of the game and traveled to Atlanta to showcase their work.

Ashish Manchanda recognized as Best Music Producer at IRAA Awards

Full Sail is proud to congratulate Hall of Fame Inductee Ashish Manchanda on his recent award of Best Music Producer (Independent Music) for his work on the song Life A Sufi by Alif at the 11th Annual IRAA Awards. Since 2006, the Indian Recording Arts Awards has recognized the work of members in the music industry.


Jillian Martin helps break stereotypes in new campaign for Hewlett Packard

Film grad Jillian Martin directed a new campaign for Hewlett Packard that has caught the attention of companies like Forbes. The campaign focuses the struggles women face while trying to enter the workforce. It features fathers and daughters reading tips for women before they head into job interviews. The commercial, aptly named “Dads and Daughters”, was released a week before Father’s Day.

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